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February 15th, 2011, 09:56 AM
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well no weight change this week due to us eating at Red Robin on Sunday. We went to Lincoln saturday night to watch hubby's buddy fight in a cage-fighting match. did good all week and weekend and then blah. I know durin the middle of the week i was down at least 3 lbs, i weight myself every morning just because i'm anal but only count my weekly weigh in because it would be way too much of a PITA to change my ticker every day and that's just kind of pointless since weight will fluctuate by a lb or 2 each day. It just blows my mind that you can physically gain 3 lbs from one meal.

This week i'm just feeling a little discouraged. Here i am starting on my 5th week and all i'm down is 3lbs. I know that i've lost 3 inches from my 3 week measurments and i'll remeasure this suday at the end of 5 weeks\ and i know that inches are important as well but i'd really like to see that scale go down more. I was hoping for at least 2lbs a week and i really didn't think that was expecting too much. I feel like i've done a lot of work for nothing

On the good side i know that my stamina and energy level have increased so i shouldn't be so hard on myself as the scale is just a number but it's hard when that number doesn't change much or at all.

so here is my unchanged ticker:

I didn't get a workout in sunday due to us being in Lincon but we did take riley to a place called "lost in fun" that is an indoor play area that has 3 bouncy houses, swingsets, and a foam pit. we were there for probably an hour and a half if not more. For those interested a foam pit is a very good workout JJ and I were both sweating climbing in the bouncy houses with Riley and then we took him to the foam pit. It was probably a good 4 1/2 ft deep and 12 ft or so across filled with cubes of nerf foam. Riley and the other little kids are light enough that they just kind of lay on top of the foam but adults sink down to waist level and its not like a ball pit where you can "wade" across with no problem, you have to lift your legs to the top of the foam and step down and you only make it a few inches at a time rather than normal strides like when walking. It sucked but at the same time was fun at the same time.

Last nights workout was another short one, i woke up with a sore throat on sunday and yesterday just didn't have any energy but i still went hoping the steam room would help clear me up a little. i did 7.5 miles on the expresso bike in just over 30 mins and about 15 minutes in the steam room. i couldn't stand being in there it smelled so awful like sewage or something. it was bad. I asked the girl at the front desk to put in a maintenance request in for it so hopefully tonight it'll smell better or be fixed or something.

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