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February 15th, 2011, 11:07 AM
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Hello! I'm new here too, but think I fit in... my son is 10, from a previous marriage, and I'm pregnant with #2 with my current husband, due in September of this year. My son's HUGELY thrilled to finally be a big brother... it makes me so happy to see him so involved in talking about the pregnancy. We haven't announced to anyone but close family yet, but he keeps begging to tell everyone.

I feel like this one will be SO much easier, since my current husband is very family oriented, and we both work from home, and we'll have my son to help out as well.

It's funny, though, just how much it feels like I'm starting over from scratch! I'm on the JM Sept 2011 due date board, but I feel a little on the outside, since it seems like almost everyone there is either young and having their first, or they have other toddlers already.Whereas with us... we've already made it through all that, and are now starting all over again. We can't wait!!

Nice to meet you guys, and I look forward to hearing any insight you have into helping widely spaced siblings stay as close as possible, since that's my biggest concern.

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