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February 15th, 2011, 05:57 PM
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We are in the testing process for Aspergers right now. We are fairly sure he has it but its been a process to test someone thats 4 here, most wont test till 6yrs old here. We know he has Sensory Processing Disorder but the rest we're still in limbo on.

For Seamus' sleep we give melatonin, its naturally in the body some people just don't make enough of it. Right now he gets 2.5mg (he's been taking it since just before 3yrs, and he'll be 5 in July), but we may have to up it because he's not sleeping again. He's also been on Tenex for his hyper activeness since last Feb. 1.5mg ( 3x's a day.)

You don't need a script for the melatonin, you can get it at any pharmacy or supplement store. Walmart here has a chewable/desovable kind its 90 tablets that are 5mg each for $8 (we break them in half). Super Supplements has a liquid form that is also $8 (but doesn't last as long as the tablets).

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