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February 15th, 2011, 09:37 PM
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Me too (kind of). His original diagnosis was high functioning autism at 3.5, but now at almost 6 I truley believe that he is closer to an aspie now that he no longer has a speech delay. He also has ADHD (combination type) but we are not medicating at this point since he is doing great in school.
We have tried melatonin in the past but since my son's issue is staying asleep, not falling asleep, it didn't really help and I noticed he was actually getting up more at night.
As for therapies, my son has had speech therapy, occupational therapy (find one that has experience with sensory issues, my son's was the biggest help), and ABA - Applied Behavioral Analysis. I'm not sure about your state, but here in WI they have the WI waiver (a state funded program that provides ABA therapy, but the waitlist was over a year). There are many different therapies out there including some that you can do yourself with your son that will help.
Also wanted to add that after we started working on my son's sensory issues (he is a huge sensory seeker), his ADHD symptoms did decrease, so it was a big help to him.

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