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February 16th, 2011, 07:59 AM
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Day 3

OUCH! I am sore. Not sure how I am going to do with working out today, but I am really going to give it a good try. I don't think I am too sore that I can't work out, but we'll see. I needed to come here and give myself a pep talk before my workout. I'll be back after my workout attempt to update how I did.

Exercise - Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred DONE! I was surprised, but today was actually easier than yesterday, not harder. I thought for sure that I would struggle through it. It was a tough workout, but I am making progress. I had to not engage my abs as much on the push ups because my tummy muscles are super sore, but everything else went well.

I've also got a plan now for the rest of the 90 days when I am done with the first 30 days of the Shred.

Plan -

Days 1-10 30 Day Shred workout 1 - 3 pound weights
Days 11-20 30 Day Shred workout 2 - 3 pound weights
Days 21-30 30 Day Shred workout 3 - 3 pound weights - 1 mile walk/jog

***START ADDING IN REST DAYS once a week*** I don't think it is good to workout this intense without resting periods, but I want to do the first 30 days straight to get myself back in the habit.

Days 31-40 30 Day Shred workout 1 - 5 pound weights 2 miles walk/jog
Days 41-50 30 Day Shred workout 2 - 5 pound weights 3 miles walk/jog
Days 51-60 30 Day Shred workout 3 - 5 pound weights start varying things up with 1 mile jogs, 2 mile intervals, and 4 mile long workouts

Days 61-70 30 Day Shred workout 1 - 8 pound weights - 1 1/2 mile jogs, 3 mile intervals, and 5 mile long run
Days 71-80 30 Day Shred workout 2 - 8 pound weights 2 mile jogs, 3 1/2 mile intervals, and 6 mile long runs
Days 81-90 30 Day Shred workout 3 - 8 pound weights 3 mile jogs, 4 mile intervals, and 7 mile long runs

This is my plan for now, but I may wind up tweaking the running plans. It kind of depends on how fast I build up endurance. Sometimes I build up endurance on running really fast so if I do I may increase my distances sooner. If I'm struggling with it I may lower the goals. The 30 Day Shred part I am firm on. I know I can do that.


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