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February 16th, 2011, 05:50 PM
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*Lurker* I have a Graco Quattro Tour (not for twins, yet!) and I do really love it. It is big, I won't say it is not. But I find it fairly easy to steer, very sturdy, and generally great quality. I snapped Liam's SafeSeat32 into it with no problems (in the first seat). The harnesses do have 5 points, so they seem to have fixed that issue. That said, I would not absolutely base your stroller choice in your carseats, given they will be obsolete way before the stroller is. Here is what I think of the Graco Quattro Tour:

Downfalls: It is big, all around. Folded it is large, unfolded and pushing it is bulky. It takes me a little "ooomph" to get it back into the back of my truck. The fabric does not "wipe" well. Which just annoys me because Liam makes a mess of his snacks. The "hood" on the front seat is weird. It is at a weird height and I find it sort of gets in the way (and falls off a lot). We ditched the front hood.

Ups: Inexpensive. This was a huge one for me (since the older child is not ours-nanny child-and we were not sure when I would be able to get pregnant again). It is roomy, safe-feeling, and easy to use (open, snap the seats in, close). It has a huge basket underneath for storage. The handles are at a nice height no matter your height (well, unless you are under 5').

Try looking on for some good deals, that is where I got mine and it cost $140. Hopefully you get some good suggestions, but I thought I would add my two-cents in. Good luck.
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