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February 17th, 2011, 08:29 AM
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Val- It looks to me like you did O...dont think you would have that kind of temp shift if you didn't - GOOD LUCK!!
I gear up a lot also...I hated that part of it, but at least I have the OPKs now so that I can make sure its the real thing or not...I hadnt taken an OPK in a while before the 15th so, I dont really know where I'm at...
I know what you mean about "flying blind"...I do wonder if maybe I Oed yesterday (which would happen to be perfect timing for us if I did)...but I told Matt that I wasn't going to temp, so I just dont know...
PS-Compare your current chart with my pregnancy chart

Casey- Are you doing whole milk or formula? We are just doing whole milk since his birthday is 2.5 weeks away (and no, I cant believe that they are almost ONE!! I still remember calling you after he was born and I was shaking so much that my teeth were chattering...and then getting your texts just a bit over a week later!!)...

he doesnt take a bottle, but he's doing much better with a sippy cup - this morning, he took about 4 ounces in a sippy - HOORAY!! I only offer his boobie in the morning, before bed and before a nap, but lately, he has been falling asleep in the car (we literally go to a playgroup every day of the week)...he also usually likes to get some once a day just for comfort, and I dont ever deny him when he wants we are going on 5 days of no night time feedings at all, and only 3 during the day!!

I really notice the difference cause I almost never feel "full" any more - I used to feel full if he didnt drink for a few hours...

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