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February 17th, 2011, 07:05 PM
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Ack! I'm so sorry ladies, I've completely lost my mind and forgot to come in and update.

The meeting went awesome! It was suppose to be a one hour consult, turned into 3.5 hours! LOL We both really like her and feel totally at ease. But we went home w/ all the info she gave us, read through it and talked about it. In the end, we decided to go with her. The following Monday we called to make an appt and last Wed, had our first appt. Again, one hour appt and it lasted two. I just cannot believe how different the appt went w/ her as opposed to my former OB. It was such a refreshing change.

I hopefully will get the waterbirth I want and so excited to be able to have our baby in our home. We got the pool ordered and I need to get the birth kit and supplies.

I was so worried that my hubby wouldn't be on board since we're not sure that our insurance will cover anything, but I don't think he cares about the money anymore, and honestly even w/ our insurance I think we will still end up paying less. I do know one thing, I will have a better birthing experience where I won't be forced to have an IV and refused liquids or have a bunch of strangers in my womanhood. (strangers freak me out and cause anxiety)

Bottom line, I'm so happy with our choice and feel so at ease. Unfortunately until after the birth I'm not sharing that we switched to a MW or that we're having our cupcake at home. I don't want any negativity, I all ready got enough of that w/ my OB and don't need to cry/stress anymore this pregnancy over stupid things. And my favorite is that she will not be considering me high risk b/c of my asthma and thyroid, both of which are under control and giving me NO issues. I was so worried I was goin to be forced into unnecessary interventions w/ the OB b/c they saw me as high risk, now I don't need to worry.
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