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February 18th, 2011, 09:48 AM
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Day 5

Exercise - day 5 of The 30 Day Shred done! I feel so good.

Diet - I did so good yesterday. We ordered pizza last night. First time since switching the whole house gluten free (dd has celiac in case anyone is reading) that we've had pizza. It was a gluten free pizza, but wow it was good! I had 3 small pieces. These pieces are smaller than the average pizza so it was the equivalent of 2 normal size pizzas. I really wanted to go back for another, but I decided to have a cup of coffee instead. I do need to stop leaning on my coffee so much to help with my food cravings, but oh well I did okay.

I had a stressful night last night - dealing with ds who is not talking to me and I was really tempted to binge and say screw it. I didn't so I feel good.

I'm nervous about next week. I haven't managed to stick with anything longer than a week and a half since Natalie was born.

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