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February 18th, 2011, 03:19 PM
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I thought I'd start a thread for myself where I can post weekly updates--I'm hoping this will be handy for a scrapbook later.

So, today starts Week 5 for me, and apparently my ta-tas are now so noticeably bigger that even the gay guy at work has noticed. They also ache all the way up into my arm pits! I'm planning to go invest in some new bras today...except, I'm also feeling super queasy today, much worse than I was a couple of days ago. And, my pants are starting to feel snug from how bloated I feel. I'm also somewhat constipated and gassy. The whole digestive tract is basically not my friend right now. I still have almost 3 more weeks until my first appointment with the peri's office and my first ultrasound. My first appointment will be with a nurse practitioner in their office, which is fine with me because my high-risk stuff doesn't really kick in for a few more weeks, so it's not a big deal that it's her and not one of the perinatologists themselves.

I haven't told my parents yet and DH hasn't told his, I think we'll wait to tell all of them after the ultrasound. DH is planning to tell his favorite cousin this weekend, though, which is a good thing because she and her kids are coming over to help us move some furniture out of our basement so the carpet guys can install carpet in there on Monday. And I obviously won't be helping with the furniture moving part, so it's good for her to know why.

Lots and lots of stress at work this week, really wishing things around here would settle down so I can ease into this pregnancy!

I think that's it for this week...tune in next Friday for another update!
~Beth in Seattle

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