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February 18th, 2011, 07:47 PM
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I worked out! Yeah, that's right I WORKED OUT. This is somethIng I just never seem to have time for but I did it. I find it better to just put on my headphones and blast the tunes and get moving. I know a lot fo exercises from hip hop back years ago so I find it more fun then popping in a DVD. I did a lot of stuff and a lot of streaches.
The reason this happened.....the dreaded Big Mac loomed into my radar today and was eatten. I felt horrible after and decided I need to attempt to balance it out with a more hardcore workout than I have done in a while.
I also kept up with my water intake, even drinkding tap water to help it out and I loath tap water.
I feel good now, like I got some stress out. I had planned on taking a good walk with the dog too but the blizzard outside defeats that completely.
I have done well with food until the Big Mac. I have been having a lot of chicken breast which I need to find a low fat way to make it taste a little better. I have upped my veggies and taken a lot of sugar out of my diet. I am trying not to get too drastic because I will not stay on track if I do. I have to make sure I have no gains.
I am focusing on the wrong thing with this weightloss challenge ever since I learned about the weight gain penelty. I am now focusing on not gaining, this is not the intent and it is sinking me. I am now focusing on lossing weight and then I don't have to worry about the gain.
I am going to make this happpen!
What about you love? I know you were indulging yewsterday, did you get back on track today???

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