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February 18th, 2011, 08:44 PM
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The metal silverware in the pots and pans is a big one of mine. Tom does this ALL THE TIME and it really pisses me off. Then he gets upset when I take a rubber serving spoon/cooking utensil out to make my plate.

The washing dishes before sticking in the dishwasher is a pet peeve of mine. What's the point of using the dishwasher at all? I rinse, but to actually WASH before putting them in?? My mom does this..

cabinets/drawers left open, or garbage left on the counters. Tom leaves all his trash on the counter-ends of tomatos or cucumbers, empty packaging, etc.

Food in the sink-when we had a disposal this was okay. But now that we don't it grosses me out. There is nothing worse than cleaning wet slimy lettuce and other food out of the sink. YUCK! Tom and Collin *never* scrape their plates, only Thomas does.

The fridge being in disarray. I like the milk, juice, and my water bottles on the bottom-most room. Soda, eggs, butter/margerine and other short items in the middle shelf as it's only so tall..Then everything else on the top. Oh and pickles/jars/condiments must be on the door. If not I get very grumpy. I keep the salad dressings (we have a boat load.) on the top shelf of the door, then every morning I find at least one in the fridge...

When someone uses the microwave, and takes whatever out before the time is up, then doesn't clear it back to the clock when done.

My SIL. 'nuff said.

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