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February 19th, 2011, 04:19 AM
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1st - not sure how long I was in labor but from the time that I signed in at the hospital to the time that she was born was about 2 hours, not sure how long for pushing but I know it wasn't more than an hour.

2nd - from the time that my water partially broke, through the pitocin and up until I had him was about 9 hours, also less than an hour pushing.

3rd - my water broke at 11pm the night before, I didn't go into the clinic until 8am the next morning waiting for contractions that never came, put on pitocin once again. 6 hours from when I got to the hospital, 15 hours from when my water broke, 20 minutes of pushing.

My first birth is the only one where I experienced my own contractions, my last two they had to put me on pitocin to start contractions since my waters had broken. I really hope the next one I have I can get my own contractions, I don't want to do the pitocin thing again because I'd love to do an epidural free birth without pitocin.

Scarlett Diane

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