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July 19th, 2006, 09:16 AM
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Just wondering where most parents draw the line--I guess I know now. I just think sex is something that children should not participate in--although most teens supposedly "do it anyway." Some teenagers also want to participate in other activities they shouldn't, like the ones I listed, so my point was if you enable your kids to have sex, should you enable them to do whatever else they want? I mean, they're probably just going to do whatever they want anyway, even if it's illegal, and it's a parents job to be 'supportive,' right?

I also wanted to see what people thought about my original statement--I guess recommending something to teenagers that works some of the time is better than nothing at all. But if people are aware that it only works some of the time, why are they so surprised to turn up pregnant?[/b]
"enabling" is different than "supporting." I don't have to agree with my daughter coming home drunk, but if she calls me drunk and says "I'm drunk and don't want to drive home" I'm going to go get her. I'm not enabling her to drink. Only supporting her and helping her not make more detrimental decisions.

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