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February 21st, 2011, 08:39 AM
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Okay girls, we made it back. Here's my experience with formula and airport security in case anyone else is flying soon...
I decided to bring bottles with nursery water premeasured just like I do at home. I figured it wasn't a huge deal if they made me dump it out, so I figured I'd try to bring it.
We flew out of Chicago Midway. We let them know that we had formula/water and someone opened each bottle and waved a little "PH strip" over the top to check it for fumes they said. Maybe they thought I was trying to smuggle vodka? And they didn't check the powdered formula at all. So they let me through with both the water and the formula with no problem.
When we flew back we left from a little airport on Long Island, NY and I told them we had formula/water and they never even checked it at all, just sent us on our way.
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