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February 21st, 2011, 01:06 PM
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I agree that there are places that are more appropriate for those kinds of signs. We had a pro-life group visit our college campus once and i found the pictures disturbing, but it was showing the truth to a demographic likely to have an abortion.
I think that sex education classes would be a great place to introduce the topic, as long as it was the truth and not the whole its only a blob of cells thing.

Where is your source that these photos are of micarried babies instead of aborted ones?

I have always believed that life begins at conception, so abortion to me is murder. I know that others dont' see it that way, but it is how i believe and how I approach it. I however, try to take a more logical approach rather than a brutally graphic one first. I think those pics have their place, but a truck randomly going thru town is not the place for that since there is no control over who may view it. I think that internet sites, special classes and rallies are ok, because then people know to expect it. I'm sorry your child saw it, I hope he/she is ok.
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