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February 23rd, 2011, 05:39 PM
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I'm so sorry you have such conflict about this. All I can really tell you is that when I had my two, I was going back and forth between whether I really wanted another or not, and now with my third, I KNOW I could not handle another without completely losing it! I love him, of course; he's just one of those high-maintenance kids. I actually have NO itch whatsoever to have another. I'm looking forward in anticipation to when my youngest is more independent so I don't have to do so much for him or watch him like a hawk if we're out somewhere. Most of my friends have children that are out of the preschooler age, so I'm looking forward to getting there myself.

For me it was cut and dry.

Why exactly is it that you might want another and is it really a good and logical reason? To give your daughter a sibling? To make your husband happy? Or because you really feel your family is not complete? And if you have guilt about your husband, talk to him more about it. Maybe that might help you sort out some things.

Hope you are able to figure it out.

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