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February 24th, 2011, 10:05 AM
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Thought I would share this with you

What Providers Wish Parents Knew..... But were too afraid to tell them!

Adapted from Providers PlayGround


♥ I wish parents understood that they are paying for a 'slot' or 'enrollment' space in my childcare. A year-round space that is held for them unless they or I terminate the arrangement. Many parents seem to act like they are paying for each individual day and sometimes each individual minute. I have encountered so many parents who appear to want to utilize every single minute of care because they are 'paying for it'. If they have a day off, they bring their child because they are 'paying for it'. If their child is ill and cannot attend, they don't want to pay because they are not utilizing every single one of their 'paid-for' minutes.

♥ We deserve to be paid promptly just like they do! Could you imagine if it was payday at their work and their boss told them "Oh, I forgot my cheque book'. lol I don't think so! We are a business!

♥ We are not babysitters and don't like to be called that. We are professional childcare providers.

♥ I wish parents knew how much we actually cleaned and disinfected. It bothers me when parents automatically assume their child's illness is because of daycare. Couldn't be that dirty shopping cart their child was sucking on last Saturday at Walmart?

♥ That just because the kids are all sleeping doesn't mean I'm sitting around eating bonbons and watching television, there is always something on the go or something to do.

♥ Yes! I agree! We don't get a break. Or if we do, it's rare. We work very long hours. For more of us that means 10 - 12 hours per day! And that doesn't include all the 'extra' hours we put into this job after the children leave. If we can get all the children to sleep soundly at the same time (and we are very lucky if we do) for naptime we have paperwork to do, phone calls to make and return, emails to respond to, kitchens to clean up, snack to prepare, preschool preparation or clean up, cleaning, and so on and so forth. For those providers with infants in care, a break of any sort is even rarer.

♥ I wish parents knew how hard their little ones have worked on that project, colouring pare, or gift for them. It means so much to them to make these things for you. Please take them home and proudly display them. Do not throw them on the floor of the car, in the trash can, or leave them at the child care providers home. It takes only a minute to tell them how much you like their work and to hang it on the fridge. You will be glad that you took that time.

♥ I wish parents would realize how much money we spend for the childcare we provide. For instance just things for arts and crafts would be: construction paper, crayons, paint, glue, craft foam, glitter, markers, scissors, play dough, cookie cutters, and those are just the basics. I have several other things as well and this is just arts and crafts this does not include all the printing which means a lot of ink, paper, and oh laminating it all. This still does not touch on what a childcare provider spends on food each week and then there is our precious time that we spend planning and putting everything together because we love children and want the best for them.

♥ That we need more money for our family it is not as though we can pick up more hours at work, get a promotion, or get a second job when most of us already need to be at home 10 - 12 hours per day. We can't just take on another child because we have extra expenses. There are rules for the amount of children in care (as there should be) and the most we can hope for is our $5/week yearly raise without complaints from parents. As we all know this $5 doesn't amount to much as everything we pay for in daycare goes up in price.

♥ It bothers me when parents have said things like "I leave home when it is dark, get home when its dark - I am gone this many hours". It seems they assume that because we are at home it is any different for us. We're not really working! We too are 'gone' that many hours but in our own homes. Some days I wish part of that 'gone' time involved listening to the radio on my way to and from work or that sometimes I could take an hour long lunch break and maybe go our with a co-worker.

♥ That just because we are home with our children doesn't mean they get so much more attention than a mother working outside of the home. I may see them all day but many times they come second to the children in care. There are definitely days when I go until closing without getting an opportunity to hold my toddler other than routine care.

♥ That it isn't fair to request a sibling discount. Your newest addition to my daycare isn't going to receive less care, less food, less activities, etc while in my care.

♥ I don't like when parents complain about their daycare fees, and the rules regarding my fees .... when they live in a huge expensive home and are driving a brand new shiny convertible purchased just 'for fun'. I'm sorry they have bills and expenses but so do I and if they don't like my daycare fees and rules regarding my fees, they shouldn't have enrolled their child with me in the first place.

♥ I wish some parents wouldn't nitpick and question every little thing within my daycare. I'm human and they make me feel inferior when they do so. Like I'm being given the third degree. It makes me feel on edge and nervous about the most minor of incidents.

♥ I wish parents realized that although we love their children, what we do is a profession and they should treat us with the same respect that they would anyone else that provides them with a service, try paying us in a timely fashion, respect our policies and procedures, and just showing some common courtesy.

♥ I wish they were more understanding when time off is needed for appointments like Dr and dentist. I always try my best to make them for after hours but that is not always possible. We don't have a 'lunch' hour where we can set up appointments.

♥ I wish parents would realize that when their child is running a temperature or have a very yucky green mucus excretion that there is something going on with your child, like sick possibly. Do not mask the symptoms as a provider we find this out later and have to call the parent to pick up.

♥ I wish parents would realize that we are not working robots. We too deserve personal time off and we to have a life and family past taking care of the child, we have family emergencies that happen and we can't change when it happens anymore than they can.

♥ That paying childcare fees should be considered as important as paying the mortgage.


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