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February 24th, 2011, 07:53 PM
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Hi and thanks for responding
It helps to know that I am not alone in this boat!
Mostly I think that my confusion/indecision lies in A. not knowing if I could handle 2 kids since I was an only, and don't really have a personal experience to go on at all, and B. I hate worrying about money all of the time and am afraid that having 2 kids would put us in a risky place. I love babies and there are times that I ache to have another one of my own, but then I get all practical and the cons start to outweigh the pros. Amanda, I totally hear you on the "Should we just rip the bandaid off and go for it?!" thing, sometimes this is exactly how I feel! But then, as with you reality sets in and I get all practical again.
I guess I am lucky that DH and I are young enough that we have some time to decide. Maybe I would feel differently if DD was in school full time and I had all day (while she was at school) to be a mom to a new baby, instead of being mom to a non-napping toddler and an infant at the same time (YIKES!) all day Also, my parents have discussed moving close to us when they retire this year, and that would be a big factor too. Right now DH and I live 4 hours from our families, so we are on our own unless we hire help. Having my mom nearby would be a Godsend if we had another child.
DH and I still have a lot of talking to do and a lot of figuring. I keep wishing that I would have some sort of sign, or feeling, or whatever, that would help me resolve my mind, but it has yet to happen. Spring is coming, and that always makes me feel like nesting, LOL, so I guess that is why it is plaguing me so much at the moment
Thanks ladies for listening, and for helping out
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