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February 24th, 2011, 09:46 PM
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Real quick, my 1/28 AF was not a fluke... Still puzzled about how/why that test was blaring dark at 12DPO, but hey... maybe it's a really sticky bug?

The U/S showed thick uterine lining, tech said "like it was ready for implant" and a few minutes later, showed me a black spot and said "I personally think that's a start of a gestational sac and it would match up to your 1/28 bleeding."

I see the OB tomorrow, I'm sure quant tests will occur then, Monday, and either Wednesday or Thursday along with a follow up u/s. I also have to be given a written referral to the perinatologist who will monitor my high risk issues and blood counts for the clotting issues since I inject the heparin.

Thank you for all the congrats... I'm still shocked. But happy.

<--- again!
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