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July 19th, 2006, 08:29 PM
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Man, where were you guys when I was pg with Trupie? I had to figure out what I knew on my own without being able to talk to anyone about it.

Ok, first, the silly question. Is anyone/did anyone trimming "down there" in preparation for labor? I just don't want to be all messy and gross-well, messier and grosser, afterwards during pp bleeding (and I bled for 5 weeks with Trupie), so Trupe is going to clean me up down there!

Second, I want to start perineal massage tomorrow (since I'll be 36 weeks!). I'd like Trupe to help me, since its kind of awkward to reach it myself, and I can't really see it unless I use a mirror, which is a pain. BUT he's a mechanic, so even if his hands are clean (and he's a neurotic hand washer, he's got my mom beat!), they still look dirty and have black stuff on them. So would we be doing more harm then good having him help?

Third, I get leg cramps...but not calf cramps. Its actually up close to where my hips connect. It kind of reminds me of how your arm feels after they take the blood pressure cuff off. At first it was just my right leg (for the last few weeks), but this week my left leg started in too. And they've been coming more often, and harder, and more painful too. Today I had a LONG one while I was on the phone with Trupe and almost fell over...good thing I was holding onto the counter...then I had another one right after. Is it something to do with her head being so low? Anybody ever have them? I don't remember having any with Trupie (although I did get the calf cramps with him, yuck!).
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