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February 26th, 2011, 01:51 AM
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you may have heard of the 6.3 quake in NZ this week...the quake was in the city I live in.. it hit just as I put Emersyn on the floor at my parents, the shaking started & I knew it'd be bad.. dove on top of her as everything in the lounge fell down around us.. it was truly terrifying, 100x worse than our 'big' quake in September. Gaby was at preschool so I knew she was safe (really safe building, withstood the September quake easily), but I HAD to go see my Mum at her work, luckily only a few minutes away... I drove over there somehow, hyperventilating like mad. got to Mum's work & they were all outside, soon as I saw her I started crying even harder... Then went & collected Gaby, got a text from my Dad - so knew we were all fine.

Got back to my parents & Mum was home, Dad got home awhile after... No power or water... no idea what was going on in the rest of the city..

Then found out there were multiple fatalities in the CBD, buildings had collapsed- that didn't happen last time.

Even scarier was finding out my Dad had left one of the buildings that collapsed, 20 minutes prior to the quake - and he was nearby when the quake struck, and saw the building come down. Still scares me to think what would have been had he made his dr appt for 15 minutes later... I'm not sure I will ever lose that feeling.

Anyway, 4 days post quake & we just got power on today - water came on yesterday. Whole suburbs are pretty much destroyed... My suburb isn't in a good state, but my house is okay - got a broken window, broken patio glass & my bedroom door won't close.. plus some cracks in the path, but that's it... just a whole bunch of stuff from the cupboards in the kitchen, was on the floor.. bit of a mess!

I'm still pretty traumatised by it all.... mind is working overtime, but i can't even really think straight..

here is a link if you want to read any more about it.. or watch video etc... if you do - welcome to my reality!
Christchurch Earthquake Latest News & Information*| TVNZ

for those of you who don't know, we had a 7.1 mag earthquake here on September 4th, so none of us ever in our wildest dreams (nightmares) thought this could happen again.. and so much worse this time

to date 145 have been confirmed dead & still 200+ missing...

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