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February 28th, 2011, 08:30 AM
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Day 15

Exercise - Day 15 The 30 Day Shred done!
Today was really hard. I woke up and was feeling just pukey. Leo was sick on Saturday so I might have a touch of a stomach bug. Not sure, but I lazed around this morning trying to get my stomach to settle so I could work out. My stomach actually feels much better now that I exercised. Kind of weird. I was planning to start back at running today. We'll see how it goes. I'm aiming to do that in the afternoons though. As long as I get in my 30 Day Shred workout though I am satisfied for the day. Everything else is extra.

Diet - Went to a birthday party last night. Really pleased with how well I did. I had a small piece of cake and nothing else. We had pizza when we got home and since I had the cake instead of having my usual 2 pieces of pizza I just had one. All and all I am feeling really good about things. I also resisted my daily urge to step on the scale.

*** Running - worked some in today! WOOHOO! I totally miss running! I didn't do a lot, but what I did felt awesome. I went a mile and a half on the treadmill. The first mile I went 2 minutes jog/1 minute walk and the last 1/2 mile I went 2 min jog/2 min walk.

Running plan for the week - 1 1/2 miles Wed & Thur, Sun 2 miles (If things get busy I may switch up days, but aiming for the same mileage.) Next week aiming for 2 1/2 miles for the longest run and the following week 3 miles.

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