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March 1st, 2011, 05:33 PM
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I hope everything turns out fine!! And you get a nice couple pics of your little boy before he arrives

For what it is worth, my mom went through this with me in utero. I have a murmur that causes a skipped beat every so often (I feel it ocassionally) and they found it at 37 weeks. They did a sono later that week (I doubt it was techy as this will be, this was 26 years ago!!) and didn't see anything concerning and I came on my own on my due date. Never had an issue with it, aside from every doctor under the sun commenting on it when I have my heart listened to. YES, I know I have murmur! Lol. Many are completely benign, lots will "heal" themselves in babyhood. Even ones that persist can be completely harmless.

I hope that this is just a "scare" and all is well.
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