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March 1st, 2011, 07:10 PM
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Hello, I am new here and am having some trouble with my fiance's ex wife and I just don't know what to do anymore. I have two step-daughters aged 13 and 10 and there mom is a bi-polar control obsessed woman who has been giving us he** for almost 6 years now. But I am finally at my last straw and so ready to quit the whole thing.

Long story short, she has some personal issues with me that she won't address and keeps denying but it comes out in what she says to me. Things have been going pretty well with the kids (we have them every other week) and she's totally thrown a jackhammer into our lives. I am totally untrusting of the kids now and what they are telling her and feel like now I have to watch what I say really carefully because they will repeat everything to her. They told her that we called her bi-polar ( just used it as a definition not in a bad character bashing way) and she's freaking out about it, saying we are irrisponsible, immature, selfish. She has always judged how I was as a step-mom to her kids and picked apart everything that we do.
I sent her a PM on FB last night telling her that I don't know why she feels like she can't be honest about why she doesn't like me and that I am here to talk, offered to have a sit down with her and was very mature about it and she still keeps bringing up stuff from the past and creating these scenarios...

The last month I have been doing the Landmark Education forum and follow up sessions which is supposed to help me learn to deal with these kinds of break-downs. I created a possibility to have an honest kind of friendship with her and to stop being afraid to talk to her and to forgive her for what she's said in the past but so far I'm finding it very hard dealing with her. I am so angry and I am trying not to let it get to me but it's so hard when she's constantly judging me. I don't do it to her. I can understand things from her POV but i am not a bad person, I am not doing horrible things to her kids. It's very easy for her to take what they have said (which has also probably been twisted) and turn that into something nasty towards me and DH. I have given everything for this family and given everything for those children but it's just not enough. I love my fiance but I am about ready to walk away
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