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March 3rd, 2011, 06:57 PM
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My story starts with meeting my husband.

My husband moved to our small town when he was in the eighth grade, and I was in the sixth. My older brother was in a few of his classes and introduced us. I remember thinking he was very shy and sweet. He was also really cute. There was just something that made me hold his hand just a little bit longer when he shook my hand. He was definitely not like anyone else I had ever met before. But he was the new kid on the street and I was wrapped up with several other boys. We stayed friends even after he went to high school and I was still in middle school.

Flash forward to the first day of my freshman year. I was scared out of my mind. I had no idea what to expect and my older brother was no help. I remember getting out of my brother's car in the junior parking lot and wanting to vomit. Not five seconds after my feet hit the pavement did Kevin's loud truck pull in the parking lot. He got out of his and offered to walk me in, this random act of kindness made me feel less nervous. However when we got to the doors his girlfriend was waiting there for him (I so hated her)

Not long after the first day I started dating this bad boy. He was also a junior (just like Kevin and my bro) and I dont know what it is but there is just something irresistible about a wild boy. I knew he cheated on me but I stuck with him. By spring came around things were getting really bad. We broke up right before prom, but decided to still go together because he honestly didnt want to find another date.

We get to prom and guess who is there? That is right my DH. My date ditched me not five minutes after getting there to go get high with some of his friends
Kevin was there with his ex girlfriend as well. They had also split up but decided to go to prom together. After prom a bunch of our mutual friends were having an after party so we all went. When the night was coming to an end I realized that my date was nowhere to be found and he was my ride back home. Well turns out he was passed out in bed with Kevin's date

Kevin offered to drive me home. Somewhere on that midnight drive I fell
in love with him. It was one of those moments that everything just clicks. That is truly a night I will never forget.

We dated from that night on.

By the time my sophomore year rolled around we were in that honeymoon phase. A lot had happened over the summer and I no longer had so many after school activities. I had hurt my knee and ended my short lived softball career. All the extra time made plenty of time for haivng sex after school

I was on birth control. The last thing I wanted was to get pregnant. When my 16th birthday rolled around my orthopedic doctor was going to try one more knee procedure so that maybe I could play softball again. The procuder was suppose to take place exactly one month after my birthday. A part of the prep work for the procedure was to take a prescription anti-biotic as well as some other medications for a month up to the procedure.. Did you know that anti-biotics counter act BC pills? Well at 16 I didn't!

A part of the pre-op the nurses had to preform before taking me into surgery was to run a PT. I never ended up having the surgery because when the nurse came back with all of my lab results she said the three words that would truly end my softball career "you are pregnant." My mom literally fainted when she said this. My dad, who was also in the room, was livid. Neither one of them knew that I was sexually active.
To make matters worse. Before I had a chance to call Kevin, he showed up at the hospital. If the doctor hadnt walked in when Kevin did, I am sure my dad would have killed him.

I also remember my lmp before I got pregnant it was September 13th (the day of my sweet 16th party).

We got married in November of that year. We planned our wedding in one month! It was crazy and hectic, but there was no way I was going to be showing on my wedding day. My DH's parents wanted us to wait to get married until after our son was born. For some reason they were convinced that there was a chance that the baby was not his. But DH was already 18 so their opinions did not really matter.

We moved into an apartment after we got married. DH had all of his classes finished up by Dec. of 2008 and started working full time. He walked and graduated with his class in May of 2009.
DH and I greeted our son in June of 2009. I couldnt helo but laugh when DS was born and looked jsut like my husband. It was like a slap in my ILs face. HAHA
During my pregnancy, I worked extra hard at school. Although I was a straight A student, I requested to change to an alternative school that was based on working at your own pace. At that school I finished 2 years worth of work in just a a year and half. By Dec. of 2009 I was completely finished with high school. (I was a full year and half a head of my graduating class). I went on and started taking college classes in Jan 2010. I graduated with the class of 2010.

My son attended my graduation ceremony. It was the best feeling in the world to have him there.

In May when the rest of my friends are graduating, I will be finished with my second year of college.

Being a teen mom has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I love being a mother, but I do wish I would have waited to take this journey when DH and I were much older.

It has been a very difficult and challenging road, but somehow we have made it through. There has been times when DH and I almost gave up, but we didnt. We pushed through and now we are on the right path to being very successful.

It was good to read all the other stories.

Sorry for posting such a long book.
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