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March 3rd, 2011, 09:11 PM
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Ashlynn is 13 months old now, so technically I could wean her..
but she wouldn't have it.
She's down to 3-4 nursings a day. Naptime, bedtime, and a few times at night (and occasionally she sneaks in 1-2 nursing sessions waking from nap and/or the morning) but she's absolutely addicted and I can't bear the thought of weaning her.
Problem is, I have (diagnosed) Depression, Anxiety, and OCD..
And, undiagnosed but almost positive I have, bipolar and possibly borderline personality disorder.
I go through terrible swings of happy as can be to super low, and it's getting very tiring.
I want to get on medication before the happy swing hits and I decide medication is useless (which keeps happening)

What medications are safe?
Does anyone know if Ativan or an equivalent is safe? I have bouts of anxiety or anger that would really benefit from a quick-acting medication like that (I've had it before) but I don't want to harm Ashlynn.
I don't want to wean her, but I don't want to avoid medication much longer. I feel I'd be a better parent if I was more stable with my moods.

Any tips/advice would be AMAZING.

To add, I do try sleeping more, but I'm a terrible insomniac every few weeks and I don't sleep much at all. Then I go through phases of sleeping wonderfully. It's rather annoying
Food/diet changes also does nothing to make my mood swings stop.

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