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March 3rd, 2011, 09:43 PM
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So both boys havent seen their mom since the end of october.... our littlest hasnt seen his dad since the end of august... they hardly call(mom calls 2times a month) dad hasnt called

I want to go in and terminate that a stupid move?
I mean, yes i know parents should be in thier kids lives(which they arent) or have the choice...but when is enough enough?
They never called for Christmas, birthday, NOTHING.
She has supervised visitation and he just has visitation, so he can come whenever as long as he calls the day before. She has to give us 3days notice.

She recently told me that unless she can see all the boys together(she has another son living with his dad) then its a waste of money to come see one or the other.!! WTH?

Anyways...should I file? or do u think give it time and they will eventually drop out all together.
And also, Im thinking of taking our youngests dad for child support... he promised us $200/month back in may, but has yet to come thru... we would file on her too, but shes on wefare and doesnt work(wont)

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