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March 4th, 2011, 07:18 AM
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Hello! I've been lurking and reading through a good years' worth of posts, and I've gotten a lot of our questions answered, but it seems like the more questions we have answered the more we I figured I would go ahead and ask

My husband and I have 2 boys biologically - a typically developing 4 and a half year old, and a 3 year old with special needs. (Well, he'll be 3 next week. Eek!) We both, however, grew up figuring we would also adopt or foster at some point; he has an uncle (I think it's an uncle?) who was fostered into the family, and my parents adopted me when I was a few weeks old.

We've gotten a feel for a lot of the process through this board and some other websites, but we're still wondering what the placement process is like. We are probably looking at foster to adopt, since we want Eric (our older son) to stay the oldest in the family. Once you've completed the classes and home studies and they have identified a child to potentially place with your family, what happens? How much do they tell you about the child before you decide (personality? needs? history?) - or is it an automatic thing based on the preferences you specified earlier in the process? We are willing to accept some special needs, but (and I can't find a way to phrase this that doesn't sound horrible to me) we feel like we would need to be selective in what needs we would want to take in, since we already have one child with special needs that we need to look out know? Of course, there is no guarantee in life about what may develop, but... Gah, I can't find a good way to phrase this. I guess we are just curious how the placement process works and what you know or don't know about a child before accepting them into your family.


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