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March 4th, 2011, 12:58 PM
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OMG, Kel! Danny is SO big and ADORABLE! And Welcome to our board!!

The placement process... well, a lot depends on your particular area. We go through the county/state DHR for placements (no agency involved) so I think we get to know more than some agencies know. But I know that some states only use agencies to place kids, so I'm not sure about that area.

For us, we are called by the placement worker. She usually has the child's caseworker nearby. She gives us a quick run down (e.g. "We have a 2 year old caucasion boy who is walking and talking but having some issues eating well.") Then I ask a lot of questions... why was he brought into care, how long has been in the system, does he have a lot of family out there, are there any medical or psychological diagnosises right now? That gives me a pretty good idea about the child. They do know our desires for children, but that doesn't mean they won't call and ask about a child who is out of our age range or other wants. When they need to find a home, they often call a LOT of folks.

And there isn't anything wrong with the way you worded that. You have to understand that caring for foster children or adopting children, as wonderful and blessed a thing it is, does not mean you can put your current in home family in jeopardy. They need to come first, and that doesn't mean that a child won't have a home because of it... it just means that child is not meant for your home. Having special needs kids is not easy, having more than one severely special needs kids is REALLY hard. Just tell them what you think you can handle and stick to your guns about it.

Did that help at all?

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