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March 5th, 2011, 04:54 PM
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Abortion: against as a form of birth control, in the case of medical reasons should be a private decision between the parents, their doctor and a spiritual adviser if desired

Drinking age: I think 21 is ok, it's not like anyone who really wants to drink before that honors it anyway

Political stance: mostly centrist with leanings to the left

Selective Service: against, voluntary is best

Gay marriage: for

Universal pre-k: don't know

Sex education: for

Vaccinations: for

Sin Tax: for

legalization of marijuana: don't care

Universal Health care: for

"performance pay" for teachers: against, too many variables outside the teacher's control

war: against unless proven necessary

Methods of birth control: no opinion

How many kids people should have: as many as they want and can provide for

Vegetarian/eating meat: I'm a vegetarian, really don't care what anyone else eats

gun control: for

death penalty: against

circumcision: having a girl, haven't had to think about it

Fertility treatments/Assisted reproduction: for

Assisted suicide: possibly for, with the right circumstances and safeguards

Illegal Immigrants *not immigration POLICY: no problem with them as individuals, immigration system as a whole is broken

Gender Selection: against

Fat Tax: against

Shopping Carts: should be returned to their rightful place

Kids drinking soda/eating candy/poptarts for breakfast: ew

Peanut Butter bans in schools for nut allergies: not sure

VBACs: no opinion

Government involvement in citizens lives: not a big issue at the moment in my experience

Seat Belt law/ laws to protect citizens from themselves: pro

Unassisted Childbirthing: not sure I'd restrict it, personally don't think it's a great idea

Plastic Surgery: personally against, again wouldn't restrict it legally

Chili (with or without beans): just beans please

Welfare: needs to be overhauled to work better, but pro

dress codes for school/office: pro

Elective C-sections/elective repeat C-Sections: undecided

Introducing solids: when my individual baby is ready

Car Seats: for?

Spanking: depends on the child and the circumstances

Children and Pets: very pro, provided the parents have an ounce of common sense

Nursing in Public: pro

Cry it Out: couldn't do it, I'm sure it works for some families

Television and Infants/Toddlers: no strong feelings at this time

Caring for your elderly parents: pro

Diamonds: prefer that someone not suffer so I can have something sparkly, I usually go with lab-made gems

In-N-Out Burger: don't have them here

Reborn dolls: what?

Homosexual orientation/relationships: not my place to judge

Polyamory: wouldn't care except I've heard way too many stories of women being abused under these circumstances

Scary movies: against! but DH loves them

Transcultural adoption: pro

Drug testing welfare recipients: pro

"Luxuries" on welfare- vacation, designer accessories, upscale phones, TV w/cable, etc: against

Organized religions: pro

Mandatory breastfeeding attempts/prescriptions for formula: against

Family beds: probably won't myself, but don't care if others do

TTC on assistance: doesn't seem like a good idea

Infants/toddlers in bikini style swim suits: against

Leash backpacks for kids: pro

Beauty pageants: icky, and that goes for adult pageants as well

TV watching for kids under age 2: don't know

Mary Elizabeth stillborn at 26 weeks

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