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March 6th, 2011, 12:53 AM
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This is fairly straight forward, but there could be someone out there not quite sure of how to use masks, so this is for that person!
First off open a new canvas and paste the photo you want to use.

Next reduce the opacity of your photo layer (this helps you see where your mask edges are) you need to open the mask you want to use and copy and paste it onto your photo layer (reduce the size of it to fit if you need to using image>scale layer)

Now you need to highlight the mask layer and right click. Click on alpha to selection and you should see white 'walking ants' around the mask egdes

Highlight your photo layer then click edit>cut

Click edit>paste, then layer>new layer. Your clipped mask should now be layered above your mask layer.

Finally delete your original layer and mask layer
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