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March 6th, 2011, 09:14 AM
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This is my frist pregnancy, and my very first belly picture. I had my husband take it at 5w5d (I'm at 6w1d now by LMP). Anyway, I love bloat for making me feel at least a little pregnant Sorry it's huge, I'm a photobucket noob.

And yes, I'm the whitest person on earth.

7 weeks

8 weeks - less bloat, more baby

10 weeks

12 weeks

15 weeks (looking less pregnant than 12 weeks)

16 weeks (finally popped!)

19 weeks

20 weeks 6 days (my mirror fell over lol) Ignore the mess, I'm trying to organize my closet ... it's not going super well.

21 weeks 6 days (not much change)

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