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March 6th, 2011, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by quietsong View Post
Oh my gosh, look at those two - they've grown so much!! And it looks like they are totally in love too. How has Buddy adjusted to having Daniel around?
He has done really well. I think it has made him grow up a bit too. He has started *almost* walking and even saying more words (I've heard him say about 5 so far, but nothing is consistent). I think watching Daniel learning new things is going to be GREAT for Lil Buddy. He might decide to do all that stuff too.

Originally Posted by quietsong View Post
It sounds like dealing with SWs is pretty much the same as dealing with all the folks in early intervention! I had a looooovely case worker; all my therapists were awesome, but she just was... yeah. So at least we have some idea of what good and bad can look like already.

What about after a placement, what kind of checking in can we expect?
Yeah, I had an EI person that wasn't great too. Everyone else in EI and therapy have been WONDERFUL, but that one person...

I believe most places are like here, the child's SW must see the child in home each month, so depending on how many kids you have at a time, you might see them a lot. LOL. We've had up to 3 workers for the kids at a time. I did try to schedule them all at the same time and they were good about that.

Our SW (liscensing worker is what they are often called) must see us and renew our homestudy once every 6 months. Sometimes we see her more often, it just depends on paperwork that is due. She is wonderful though, and I always invite her out to stay with us for dinner.

In my county, I really have not met anyone in DHR that I don't just adore. They are all amazing folks who love their jobs and love the kids and work VERY hard and VERY long hours to make sure they are well taken care of. I hope you have the same experience.

There are a lot of court dates too. Most places the foster parent and the foster child are not required to be at court unless they must testify for some reason. But you are allowed (in most places) to sit in the court room for most proceedings. That is up to you. I like to be there and hear everything that will happen first hand (not later from the SW).

If the child has therapy or something like that, you are usually required to take him. Our DHR does employ some parent assistants who will drive the kids to and from therapy if they have to, but it is encouraged that the foster parent does that. We get reimbursed for mileage if it is a long distance (out of county).

Oh and, once you are a foster parent, technically they can drop in anytime and you must let them in the house. Now, I've been a foster parent for 3 years and have never had that happen, but I've heard it can happen. I'm not worried about it though. If they drop by on a bad day, so be it. I'm not hitting the kids or not feeding or clothing them, so if they see my house messy and the dishes not done, I'll live.

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