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March 6th, 2011, 01:25 PM
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I should probably...

1. Dust our ceiling since it has texturizing-type stuff on it. I think it was popular in the 70s or something. Anyway, it definitely hangs on to any and all dust.

2. I want to totally declutter Ethan's closet and clothes. It hasn't settled into constant warm weather just yet. This weekend was colder yesterday and even though today should be 70s it still gets pretty cold as it gets dark. So I might wait for that.

3. Donate or get rid of some of my things. Decide what to do about my 30 pairs of shoes that I insist on keeping. Yet I wear maybe 1/4 of them.

4. Go through the toys and get rid of or donate most of it so I don't have to put things away and organize day after day. Unfortunately most of the things that take up room are bigger things that I don't really want to let go of because they are more valuable.

5. Organize my "junk drawer" in my end table. I have books and photo albums and all kinds of random odds and ends in there. I feel like I am organizing it all the time only to clutter it all up again a week later.

6. Organize our hall closet.

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