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March 7th, 2011, 05:37 AM
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I'm a newbie. I try not to just post and run. For me it's hard I don't know where I belong: here, secondary infertility, ttc after loss, other. I can't dedicate myself to post in all, so I thought the best fit was here. Sometimes I just don't feel like I fit the criteria to belong. I feel like it but I feel "different.". I guess what I mean by that it seems like most members are ttc #1 or went through everything for #1 and know the same deal for future dc. I have a dd, had a normal pg and find everyone wondering how did it happen. And we never ttc in a traditional sense (ntnp) and bc of losses we had a fertility work up. Also I feel like the general vibe is people who can't get pregnant for whatever only belong here not those like me who have a LPD and can't sustain a pregnancy. Id post in secondary infertilty- but i am not infertile. I don't want to offend but that's one barrier to me posting. That and being here is just too hard (ie in the 2ww).
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