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March 7th, 2011, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Angel_Maker View Post
I kinda feel like I'm "not supposed" to post here anymore. Not that anyone has made me feel that way, it's just that I feel like I'm posting "in sea of strangers"....I just wish the grads would still post updates, etc. It's great motivation for those still TTC, and right now I think that's really lacking

Also, not having a host SUCKS! The board is sooooo slow and it makes me sad! I remember when it moved so fast I couldn't keep up!
Aww Brandi! I know I haven't been an extremely active member here, but I hate that you haven't been here is much. I feel so emotionally attached to your story. I remember my mom acting like I was crazy when I called her in tears after you lost Evan. In my mind, you'll always be welcome here.

Originally Posted by *CAMM* View Post
Originally Posted by Fallen2Love View Post
I'm a newbie. I try not to just post and run. For me it's hard I don't know where I belong: here, secondary infertility, ttc after loss, other. I can't dedicate myself to post in all, so I thought the best fit was here. Sometimes I just don't feel like I fit the criteria to belong. I feel like it but I feel "different.". I guess what I mean by that it seems like most members are ttc #1 or went through everything for #1 and know the same deal for future dc. I have a dd, had a normal pg and find everyone wondering how did it happen. And we never ttc in a traditional sense (ntnp) and bc of losses we had a fertility work up. Also I feel like the general vibe is people who can't get pregnant for whatever only belong here not those like me who have a LPD and can't sustain a pregnancy. Id post in secondary infertilty- but i am not infertile. I don't want to offend but that's one barrier to me posting. That and being here is just too hard (ie in the 2ww).
Well if the criteria were getting pregnant only by medical assistance I wouldnt be part of the group Im a "vet" if you want to call me that...3 ivf cycles 5years of ttc before I had my first born..but not ONE of the ivf's got me pregnant. I conceived all 3 of my babies before IVF (after 2yrs of ttc) that I lost, and my son and daughter were each conceived after a FAILED ivf...6mths after each one actually. After my first ivf failed i was told by 3 reproductive endocrinologists that i would never have a biological child, that i would never get pregnant on my own again..i was told i had less than 1% of getting pregnant i WAS an extreme case of infertility..but now im sure people wonder why im even here( with 3 natural pregnancies)..but i have no where else to go and this has always been my home.

The inability to sustain a pregnancy is infertility and you have a place here with us(if you want it) and no one should wonder why you are here. LPD is not something to sneeze at.

Please dont feel like you cant post.
I agree with CAMM. While I technically fit into "infertility" now, by your definition I didn't when I first joined. (Though I had already had three losses.) At the time, I also felt weird but Brandi and others welcomed me with open arms.

And CAMM, same as what I said to Brandi, you're a grad regardless of how your babies were conceived and it brings a wave of hope to the board.

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