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March 7th, 2011, 07:26 AM
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i'm a newbie and i don't post all that much except for the IVF thread because that's what we just finished and to be honest i don't know the answers to a lot of the questions the girls ask. i have only been on this board for a few months i used to post on the 6+ months ttc board and if you think this board is dead you should pop your head in over there!! i just think that i fit in more over here but agree that i don't know you ladies all that well except for those in the IVF thread. but i really like this board a lot!!! i promise to try to be more active to keep it going!

Cycles 1-12 all BFN's. Going straight to IVF per RE advice.

February 2011 IVF
2.24.2011. Retrieval 16 eggs! 15 were mature and 12 fertilized!
3.1.2011. Transferred 2 blasts!!
3.2.2011. 4 "beautiful" blasts on ice
3.11.2011. IVF #1 unsuccessful

5.20.2011. FET BFP!! 82
5.23.2011. 83
5.25.2011. 130
5.27.2011. 168 devastated
5.31.2011. 293 (saw sac on u/s)
6.3.2011. sac not growing m/c confirmed

9.2011. Planning another FET
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