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March 8th, 2011, 05:20 AM
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Typically I buy 6 papers from Dollar Tree(only a buck, where every other place is 1.75 each)
I then remove all of the coupon inserts and put them in a folder labeled with the date of the insert. Once I find a sale, I see which insert I need to go into and cut out my coupons.
For those wondering why I buy so many here is why..
Most times, there are sales for multiple items. For example, an item might be on sale 3/6.00. Buy buying bulk inserts, I can stock up on a particular item for next to nothing when matched up with a sale. I haven't bought pasta in nearly a year since I've gotten it for free. The same goes for deodorant, body wash, shaving cream, razor etc. It def. makes it worthwhile to pay 6.00 for papers and get a ton of things for free or next to nothing :-)

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