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March 9th, 2011, 01:20 AM
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so obviously the 21st was the last time i went to the gym. life has been hectic the last couple weeks. The last time I went to the gym I was just getting over being sick. Then JJ's dad drove up for an emergency visit. JJ's uncle in Texas passed away (his dad's foster brother) and he had drove down there from Idaho to help straighten out affairs since he didn't have a will written out. He was here the night of 23rd through the 25th. Saturday's i don't go to the gym because of work in the morning and the gym having short hours. Sunday the 27th was Riley's b-day party, and 28th through last saturday I worked night shifts for nothing thanks to my dumb school. I had registered in January for my CNA course, it's 3 weeks long and I have to have it done before August. It was supposed to go from the 28th of Feb to the 18th of March with the 3rd week falling over springbreak, hence the reason I signed up for that class time. They only offer it during the day which I have 2 other classes at the college during the days from Tues-Thurs. I can make arrangements to miss 2 weeks of classes but 3 weeks is not doable, there is way too much stuff that I would miss. So i had my schedule rearranged at work for this, made arrangements with my teachers to have alternate coursework that I could complete on my own and thursday the 24th I get a message that the class was canceled due to "low enrollment" and she's sign me up for the next day class on 3/28. well that doens't work. I was pissed. I was a lot nicer to the lady than i should have been when i went in to see what other time frames there were since I can't do any other courses during the school year. I ended up signing up for the night course in the summer which instead of 3 weeks it runs 4 weeks and is from 6-10pm. The day course is 7 hours long so for that I'll take an extra week to cover it and not have to rearrange my work schedule and create more work for the schedulers. so enough kavetchng about that.

I finally went back to the gym tonight after a 2+ week hiatus(sp?) I didn't do much tonight as we had to go grocery shopping afterwards so I ran my mile that i haven't done in 3 weeks now. I knocked off 1min 45 seconds off my previous time. I was at a 17min mile and now i'm down to 15:15. Not bad for taking 2 weeks off. And another sad thing is that I never had that good of a mile in high school gym and i'm 12 years older. Shouldn't that be the other way around? Also got 10 minutes in the steam room, i'm going to have to work my way back up to 2 sessions again.

This past weekend i wasn't a total lazy butt though, saturday before i went into work we pulled Riley in his wagon to the local baseball park about a mile away and let him run around, so total round trip was about 2 miles of walking and sunday we spent an hour raking half of our front lawn since we were lazy and didn't do it this past fall and we both worked up a pretty good sweat even though it was only 45* out or so. And we still have half the yard to do yet....ugh.

So between recovering from being sick and gaining back whatever water weight i lost from the most horrible upset stomach and not working out 2 weeks i'm now back at 217. I wish i wasn't but it's my own fault. so here is my updated ticker:

I'm also due to update my measurements, again i don't want to after 2 weeks of not doing anything, but it is what it is, i'll post those tomorrow since it's late.

Baby Girl expected 2.12.13!

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