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March 9th, 2011, 11:10 AM
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Week 7 and 8 sure have gone fast--that's what happens when you have an ultrasound that moves your due date forward by 8 days! Heart rate was 163 and everything is looking good. They adjusted my due date to October 13, even though I was carefully tracking my cycle (temping AND used OPKs). We do tend to grow big babies in my family, so maybe that's what's up? They also spotted a corpus luteal cyst, which she said could cause a sharp pain and/or cramping when it dissolves in a couple of weeks, so she said don't panic if that happens. She said as long as there is no bleeding with the cramping, it's not something to be concerned about at this point in a pregnancy.

Anyway, after the ultrasound, I met with the nurse practitioner and she asked me TONS of questions about my medical history and my family's, and then she did a pelvic exam (but not a pap--I told her when my last one was, and that I usually spot when I have one, and she agreed I don't need that aggravation because if you spot when you're not pregnant, you spot more when you are).

Then we talked about a care plan for this pregnancy, given my history of premature rupture of membranes. So, the plan is, I'll be having ultrasounds every couple of weeks, and around 16 weeks I'll start getting P17 shots every week. They're supposed to hurt a lot, so I'm not thrilled about that, but they're one of those things that might help prevent me from having another preemie, so of course I'll take them! She said I could do them at home, or since I'll be coming in every couple of weeks anyway, it might make sense to just have the nurse there do them. Since they're supposed hurt and be kind of hard to inject (it's a really thick syrup stuff), I'm opting to go in and get them done.

So, my next appointment will be in 3 weeks so I can have a nuchal scan. Their scheduler had left by the time I finished, so she's going to call me tomorrow.

I've got a nasty cold this week--yesterday the post nasal drip combined with morning sickness made me feel AWFUL but today I'm feeling a bit better as everything begins to drain out my nose instead. The good news is, I don't have a fever and I'm working from home today so I can rest a bit.

DH is pretty freaked out this pregnancy, I'm pretty sure his anxiety is more than he can handle on his own. I'm really hoping he and his therapist are able to talk through some stuff today, and maybe even talk about meds.
~Beth in Seattle

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