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March 9th, 2011, 11:43 AM
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My son was born via scheduled C-Section in March of 2002. When I had my last u/s in the office which was a few weeks before my due date they announced that my baby was a mega-morph and was measuring at 10 lbs 10 oz. My OB strongly suggested that we do a C-section due to the size of the baby and the possible difficulty that I would have trying to deliver him naturally. He said if I were his wife he wouldn't even let me try. That was an easy decision to make. I was not a bit nervous and was actually very relieved that I would not have to go through labor.

I was the first scheduled delivery of the day. We arrived at 7:00 am and the staff was literally waiting on us. I got changed, got my IV, catheter (this was the worst and most painful part!) then my husband got changed and into the operating room we went. Met the anesthesiologist who was fantastic! He did my spinal with no problems. I very quickly went numb. And then it was showtime. My OB came in and got down to business. My spinal was so good that I began to feel like I wasn't breathing because I couldn't feel me chest rise and fall. The anesthesiologist kept reassuring me that I was fine and gave some pure oxygen to ease my anxiety. And then my beautiful son was born. He was immediately cleaned up and weighed all within sight of me. e only weighed 9lbs 9 oz! They had that wrong! Then he was swaddled up and handed to daddy who sat right beside my head so we could all bond.

The crew finished up with me and then I was taken to recovery where daddy, baby and I got to hang out for awhile. Then the baby had to go the nursery for a bit while they moved me to my actual room. I had a morphine pump but I never used it b/c it made me sick. I got something great through my IV and then later Taradol which was wonderful!

Everything was pretty great. Baby and I bonded. By that evening they had me dangling my legs over the egde of the bed. The next morning they took the catheter out and one of the nurses gave me a sponge bath. I was then encouraged to walk the halls pushing the baby in his isolet. By the next morning I was up and taking a shower, walking the halls and sitting in the rocking chair. I went home on the 4th day I think. I went home with a script for Tylenol 3. But never really used it. had my staples removed a week later.

All in all it was a great experience. My OB and all of the staff were great!

C-Section #2 was in March 2004 for my daughter. It was a scheduled repeat C-Section but she was actually breech too. She was 9lbs 4oz. This was also a great delivery. The anesthesiologist I had this time was not very good though. He was very rude when putting my spinal in. He told me to arch my back like a cat. I was sitting on the bed, legs dangling, leaning forward onto the nurse for support trying very hard to arch my back but due to my enormous belly it was quite hard. Well his first attempt with the needle he went too far to the left and my entire right side of body spasmed. He then yelled at me to hold still. I wasn't moving. He tried again and this time went to far to the right. I was nearly in tears. He began yelling at me again to arch my back and cooperate. I thought I was cooperating. The third try he finally got it in. Thank God. After that everything was routine and simple no problems.

And now I'm pregnant with #3 and will have another C-Section in September 2011. My same OB for all 3 babies which is a great relief b/c he is a wonderful doctor. I can't wait to hold this baby!
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