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March 9th, 2011, 04:30 PM
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I am feeling nostalgic and I've gone back through photobucket to find some of my favourite photos of my big girl and her life so far. I hope you don't mind me sharing!

Her 12 week scan - already she was refusing to keep still!

Me at 16 weeks

And 22 weeks - yeah, I was not a blooming beauty, I was so ill through that pregnancy (like with Sam) I looked like death warmed up!

Eating her hand on her 3D scan! Yummy!

28 weeks.... yeah, I do I have a different hair colour in each pic...

36 weeks - you'll notice my brown maternity trousers and top were my favourite outfit...

And again at 38 weeks! lol

The first picture of my little girl 24 hours of labour and one c-section later I finally got to meet her!

Meeting Dave the duck! This is a duck that has now passed down through 3 generations.... erm, that sounds more romantic than it actually is since Steve's mum got him free with some toilet rolls or something and had him on her TV for about a week before Steve swiped him

First pic at home!

With her daddy

My favourite baby pic of Angelica

A true family shot - if you look closely you'll even see our ghost in thr right-hand corner!

One of her early smiles.... oh my goodness, I just realised how much she looks like Sam!

Stealing our bed

She was about 5 months hear.... goodness, where on earth is that jumper?? I loved that jumper and I haven't seen it around for ages!

With daddy again

AW! Her old Mr Men dummy! Oh goodness, too much nostalgia going on here!

She was always soooooooo big for her age!

Angelica later 'donated' that Winnie the Pooh to Natasha as a baby - now they share him

She absolutely loved Sam (furry Sam!)

Meeting her little sis!

Developing a highly unusual way to eat crisps (potato chips)

Growing up so fast now!

Conspiring with her sister!

Grr, kids and washing baskets.... why will they never leave them alone?!!

I always loved that pic

She's such an animal lover

She was OBSESSED with that Timmy Time toy for about 4 months... if she lost it, boy were we all in for a headache!

Her first trip to Brighton

Revisiting her baby days!

The tickly whiskers that say 'I Love You'

"Pull Face!"

Rolo is one of her furry sisters!

She loves the camera and is such a ham!

Enjoying a train ride to the coast with her sister

No Angelica! Don't do it!

Posing with Scary Toilet Rolls!

Her own little christmas tree

Cracking up with her sis

Her first shopping trip with Sam

Loving the snow

And loving her little bro!

Awaiting the production of more scary toilet rolls

My favourite pic of her with Sam

All grown up

Happy birthday Angelica!

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