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March 9th, 2011, 05:15 PM
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What is your official fertility diagnosis (male factor, pcos, endo, age, unexplained infertility, etc.)?
unexplained infertility
This was the official diagnosis, but when not taking supplements, I ovulate late.

What have you tried so far in terms of natural herbs/supplements?
Maca, EPO, lemon water, soy isoflavones, vitamin B

What have you tried so far in terms of eastern medicine procedures?

What have you tried so far in terms of western fertility medication?

What have you tried so far in terms of western medical procedures?

What is your current regimen/plan?
Next cycle (AF should be here tomorrow) I plan to continue with the above herb/supplement list. I plan to change the dosage of soy isoflavones, and add some additional things like bee pollen, wheat grass and false unicorn.

We plan to do IUI for the next 2 cycles (no western medicines though) and then move on to IVF.

DH is going to start taking the following this month:

Panax Ginseng
Bee Pollen
TTC #1:
5/28/05: miscarriage
08/30/05: miscarriage
01/15/05: misdiagnosed with PCOS
08/29/06: first appt at fertility clinic (was already pregnant with dd and didn't know it)
05/16/07: DD was born

TTC #2:
11/13/09: let's try again!
03/10/10: tests with new OB - everything totally normal for DH and I, no indication of pcos; officially diagnosed with "Unexplained Infertility"
04/21/10 - 10/13/10: 7 unsuccessful rounds of clomid with OB
11/13/10 - 14/23/11: 3 unsuccessful IUI's with clomid at fertility clinic
07/27/11: ER for IVF - retrieved 27; 17 were mature enough to fertilize; all 17 fertilized; 11 made it to day 3 embryos; 6 made it to day 6 blasts. Transferred 1, froze 5.
08/08/11: positive hpt!
08/13/11 - 08/20/11: positive blood test (186), but cramping and bleeding. 2 days later, blood at 275; 2 days later, blood at 21. Inevitable miscarriage.
10/13/11: start suprefact for first FET

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