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March 10th, 2011, 07:25 PM
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I cannot stand American Idol, Dancing w the stars, and most stuff on MTV
Most of the stuff Tom watches on Cartoon network, I can't stand. Annoys me to no end.
I wish I could say Jersey shore.....but I did endure 5 minutes of jersey shore when it first got big. Yea.....Won't EVER do that again!
I guess I'd have to say, Children's hospital. When Tom puts that on, I leave the room.

Originally Posted by 2gr8kiddos View Post

What show would you never even watch 2 minutes of? Those addiction/intervention shows creep me out. I feel like it's such a private matter and to expose a person on TV like that during their darkest hours is humiliating and wrong. Seek help for your family, but do it privately.
I used to actually like intervention... And I still do watch most, but the episodes with heroin addict I cannot watch at all. I crave it each time I see it... Sadly, as sick and nasty as the addicts look when high, I still get jealous of that look.. ugh, sends shivers up my spine right now to even think about having that nod going... As always, some of the best feelings are the absolute worst... And then when they actually show the people shoot up, I will actually physically feel the sensation of it spreading, even now, almost 30 months later... Ugh, I wish *those* physical sensations I get when thinking about it go away someday, that would be my biggest weakness with staying clean, *just knowing how it felt..*

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