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March 11th, 2011, 11:30 AM
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The problem is that I have to have a very compicted referral to get to an out of state Dr as Danny has Tenncare. I can't see anyone at Cinci Childrens until the GI, his allergist/asthma dr, and his ped submit referrals but this all hinges on the GI. I think I will push him more monday when he calls and find a way to get him at least scheduled for a consult in cinci which I am assuming will take a while to get in for anyway. I don't like the ped GI but the other two here in knoxville that accept ped patients said he was fine all along. Vomiting 12-15 times per day, diarrhea at 2.5 years...that had never gone away... and losing weight with recorded intake of 3000+calories per day was "just how he will likely be." This is the last GI in knoxville and the only one that recognized that something was wrong. I really don't see what he is waiting for on this though. I am hoping that if I push for a referral to cinci that he will start the process for me. If he won't then I will let him know that I will have to start looking around for other GI's that will be an hour or more away that WILL get the ball rolling on this.

The only imaging he has had done is a bone age test done when he was 18 months old. It showed a 12 month bone age but the endo said as long as it is a 6 month time frame it was fine. I thought that was quite rediculous because they never repeated it even though he was on the 6 month edge. I mentioned the pancreatic and liver enlargement issues and he said that he had no signs of pancreatic inflamation and felt to make sure his liver wasn't enlarged. He knew about the fatty issues that are possible with liver and pancreas tissues but didn't mention anything beyond he doesn't see that as an issue based on his symptoms. I am really getting more and more irritated the more I think about everything that has happened over the last three and a half years. I just want him to go to cinci for at least a consultation and then based on what they find we can go from there. I will keep the GI here but want an expert with SDS which is what I will get in Cinci. Maybe once I graduate I can just move to Cinci area if I can find a teaching job there so that we don't have these issues with out of state type things... I have family there so if Danny got sick I am sure it wouldn't be an issue for them to help me out. I am just so over everything that is happening here doctor wise...

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