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March 12th, 2011, 02:42 PM
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Thanks guys Yes, I'm really really glad that everything looks good right now... I can feel the beginnings of the late-stage jitters, worrying about all the things that can go wrong in labor or at the end of pregnancy, but it doesn't feel too immediate yet. The good appointment rested many of my fears of developing common 3rd tri complications, so now I just have to worry about the more unusual problems. I'm trying to stay busy, which helps keep my mind off those anxieties. Luckily we've started a whole bunch of major home improvement projects that now have a STRICT timeline, so I will have plenty to keep me busy!!!!

Rebecca, it doesn't seem that fast to me... but then I can't believe you're almost 20 weeks, that's awesome!!!! I think other people's pregnancies always go by faster, for some reason

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