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March 12th, 2011, 05:34 PM
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Posts: 9,756 come to the Siggies R Us board and put in a request for an FFA! The board has been pretty slow lately, and the siggy makers are bored and looking for some new pictures to play with. So if you've been waiting to get a siggy made (maybe to show off your brand-new belly pics?), now is the time!

If you'd like to request, please post your photos, request, and info. here: Siggies R Us - JustMommies Message Boards . Remember to follow the Guidelines for Requesting a Siggy And remember also to mention that brui77 sent you over! I get challenge points for each of you who decide to do this.

Thank you to the SSMC makers for my beautiful siggies!

(x2)(x2)(October 2011)
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