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March 12th, 2011, 06:18 PM
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March 12th, 2011, 06:09 PM
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Hi Everyone,
I would say its great to be here, but in all honesty i would give anything to never have to be on this website. My name is Sareina. I lost my son Gavyn Parker on September 5th, 2010. I was 38 weeks pregnant when I went into labor and delivered him. I'll never forget September 4th. My boyfriend's sister's birthday is sep. 4th and she always joked that she wanted us to have Gavyn on her birthday. Well that day rolled around and around 9am I went into labor.

The Wednesday before that I went in for my weekly appointment and everything was fine. Gavyn's heartbeat was at 145, he was measuring at 8lbs 9oz, and i was dilated to 3cm. My doctor asked me if I was ok to go another week and if I had not gone into labor by next Thursday he would go ahead and induce me because Gavyn was already so big. I was thrilled. Me and my boyfriend called everyone told them the amazing news that he would be here within a week.

That Saturday morning I went into labor. Starting off with small cramps I figured it was just braxton hicks again. Around lunch time I was starting to feel them closer and closer together and much harder. I called my doctor and he told me to come on in and get checked out it sounded like i was in labor. I was so excited! We waited a little bit longer because i wanted a natural birth, around 6pm that night we finally went into the hospital. I was so happy. We went into the triage room and that's when my entire life went upside down. I changed and then they started to hook me up to all the machines. That's when they couldn't find Gavyn's heartbeat. I could tell on the faces of my nurses that somethings was wrong, but all they kept saying was it was probably the way he was laying and they were going to get the ultrasound machine to see him. My doctor came in and took a look around.

I'll never forget the look my doctor gave me when he knew. He simply turned to me and said Sareina it should be really easy to find a heartbeat and I just cant find one. I completely lost it.

Gavyn Parker had passed away that wednesday night after my doctor appointment according the autopsy and we never found out why. He was 8lb 6.3oz and 21 inches long. He had a small amount of black hair, and he looked just like me. I miss my baby more than anything in the entire world.

I'm here to talk to people who have been through this same situation as me and can actually give me advice. because they are days still, 6 months later, that I just dont want to get out of bed. i need help
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