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March 14th, 2011, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by 2gr8kiddos View Post
There was a curtain separating us, but it was still awkward hearing the doctor talk about her and her baby. There were some minor issues with her baby and I know that if that were me I'd ask to be moved to a room where we could discuss the issues in private. So yes, it was strange but the woman was very nice and very respectful of me. The worst part about it was having to use the same shower/toilet I was very grateful that her baby was pretty quiet too. I could hear other babies in other rooms that had some mighty lungs.
Wow, I didn't think about the other baby noises. That is a good thing the baby was quiet.

During labor I had to share a toilet with someone. When I first got there, both our bathroom doors were open and I could hear the baby in the other room be born . Thankfully they put me in a more private room after that!

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